Statement of Categories of Documents that are held by the Central Water Commission



Statement of Categories of documents that are held by the Commission are:


6.1         Classified


Hydrological data of Ganga, Brahmaputra  and Indus basins and related water year books.


6.2         General


Following documents fall under this category:


(i)                  Hydrological data of rivers other than of Ganga & Brahmaputra basins and related water year, sediment year and water quality year books.

(ii)                Water and related statistics like information on water and related resources, resource utilization, production related performance and efficiency, financial performance etc.

(iii)               Reference manuals/guidelines prepared by CWC like design flood manual, manual on design of gates, hoists, manual on flood forecasting etc.

(iv)              Manuals/guidelines prepared by other agencies like Life of Reservoirs - CBIP, Design of Small Dams United States Bureau of Reclaimation (USBR), Design of Gravity Dam- USBR etc.

(v)                BIS Codes prepared by Bureau of Indian Standards

(vi)              Detailed Project Reports received from States and other agencies for techno-economic clearance.

(vii)             Detailed Project Reports of projects investigated by CWC

(viii)           Pre-Feasibility Reports

(ix)              Design/Technical Memorndums prepared by CWC as a part of providing Design Consultancy.

(x)                Technical Specifications of various components of projects prepared by CWC as a part of providing Design Consultancy.

(xi)              Flood Estimation Reports.

(xii)             Study reports for the studies carried out by CWC in-house or through consultants - such as performance evaluation studies, reservoir capacity survey studies (hydrographis/ through remote sensing techniques), hydrological studies, system studies etc.

(xiii)           Model Study Reports.

(xiv)           Other Publications brought out by CWC from time to time.