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Central Water Commission

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Appraisal of Water Resources Projects

Project Appraisal

The major, medium irrigation and multi-purpose projects located on inter-state rivers, or such projects where State Govt. is desirous of availing assistance from Govt. of India, national projects, externally funded projects are submitted by State Govt. to the CWC for techno-economic appraisal and acceptance by the Advisory Committee of MoWR, RD & GR. The project proposals submitted by State Govt. is examined for its techno-economic viability through multi disciplinary appraisal mechanism and placed before the Advisory Committee of MoWR, RD & GR. Techno-economic appraisal process is a multi-disciplinary task which involves CWC as well as seven other central agencies. It is essential in order to judge a proposal in light of its resource commitments, expected benefits, safety assurance to downstream habitation, as well as investment to be made.

CWC was entrusted appraisal task in year 1954, during this long period of 61 years, CWC developed in house expertise in hydrology, irrigation planning, inter-state matters, all types of dam designs, barrage and canal design, gates design, foundation engineering & special analysis, planning of construction machinery and equipments, cost engineering, flood control, dam break analysis, and water supply. As per the existing procedure, appraisal process to be completed in two stages, i.e. Preliminary and DPR stages. The existing time lines for Preliminary Report is 18 weeks, for DPR It is 6 months for a State having Central Design Organisation and 12 months for other States, in addition to statutory clearances i.e. environment and forest to be submitted by project proponent. Major Irrigation and Multipurpose projects (CCA more than 10,000 ha) are submitted to CWC HQ and examined for various planning and design aspects in specialised CWC, CSMRS, CGWB, GSI, CEA, MoWR,RD&GR, and MoA&FW. The medium (CCA less that 10,000 ha and more than 2,000 ha) are examined in Regional Field offices of CWC.

During appraisal process, value addition to project planning is done in terms of water availability, safety aspect in terms flood risk assessment, design aspects take care of all major components as per relevant BIS/manuals/guidelines, cropping pattern, crop yield and other agricultural inputs as per the standard of State Agriculture Deptt. and MoA&FW, construction material and soil survey, benefits and cost analysis based on finalisation of optimal cost, removal of command duplicity, redundant project components, addressing inter-state water sharing issues, and international aspects etc.

During the last three years, the CWC examined the cost of 35 nos. of project proposals amounting to a cumulative cost of Rs. 68,637 Cr. and finalised cost is Rs. 64,537 Cr. it shows a saving of approx. 6.35% of cost which is about Rs. 4,099 Cr. CWC also facilitates to avoid the duplicity of command area as well as cost between two projects as well as cost estimates. Recently ERM of Tawa irrigation Project, Madhya Pradesh was submitted to CWC for Rs. 2367 Cr., with an extension of command amounting to 79,193 ha. CWC finalised the cost to Rs. 1306 Cr. and a duplicity of about 27,000 ha of command with Morand and Ganjal Project, Madhya Pradesh was deleted finally. The Telangana Govt. submitted Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Pranahita – Chevella Sujala Sravanti Project with a cost estimate of Rs. 40,300 Cr @ PL 2007-08, which CWC did not approve due to various planning and design issue and finally State Govt. is revising the planning of project.

Till March 2016, CWC completed the techno-economic appraisal of 1459 nos of projects which comprises 1243 nos of irrigation and multipurpose projects, 216 nos of flood control schemes in 128 nos. of Advisory Committee meetings. As on March, 2016, total 53 project proposals (including 13 medium projects, 6 National Projects and 3 External assisted projects) are under Techno-economic appraisal in CWC.

Presently, Investment Clearance to these projects are accorded by MoWR,RD&GR instead of NITI Ayog. In this context, a Investment Clearance Committee, Secretary (WR) as Chairman, is looking after the issues related to investment clearance. Once the project proposal is accepted by Advisory Committee, proposal is submitted by State Govt. to CWC for investment clearance.The relevant guidelines are uploaded on official web site of Ministry.

Relevant Guidelines