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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)

Archives of Orders and Circulars

Sr Reference Number Title Department Issue Date View Download
76 22/2/2018/Estt-X/157 Leave order in r/o Senior D' Man, CWC.(22/2/2018/Estt-X/157) US (E.X) 11/04/18 download
77 8/9/RDC-1/2017/325-330 Nomination for the training on "Irrigation Bench Marking" at NWA, Pune in betwwen 23rd-27th April, 2018 under NHP RD DTE 11/04/18 download
78 04/PFMS Creation of Sanction at PD level in Public Financial Management System (PFMS)-reg C.E (PAO) 11/04/18 download
79 20/01/2017-M.A(Y.B)/1427-41 Relieving order in r/o Sh. Jitendra Pawar, SE(Coord), CWC. Member (R M) 11/04/18 download
80 15/1/2018/BCD(NW&S)/104 Relieving order of Ms. Deepti Verma, AD, BCD(NW&S) Dte, CWC, New Delhi. C.E (Designs NW&S) 11/04/18 download
81 21/1/2017-Estt-9/945 Ad hoc Promotion in the grade of ASO US (E-IX ) 11/04/18 download
82 1/2/2017-Estt.X/161 Pension & Pensioner basic pay in r/o Sh. C.S. Nagesha Rao, Head Draftsman, CWC. US (E.X) 11/04/18 download
83 15/1/2018/E. VI/500 Draft seniority list of Stenographer Gr-I belonging to the Ministerial Cadre of Subordinate offices of CWC as on 1.4.2018. U.S.( E-V) 11/04/18 download
84 6/1(4)/2018-WP&P-C/257-65 Posting order in r/o Sh. N. Jagannadham, AD, CWC. Member (W P & P) 10/04/18 download
85 C-23020/1/2017-Estt.II/323 Draft Seniority List of STS Officers as on 01-01-2018 US.(E- II) 10/04/18 download
86 12/2018-D&RC/674-82 Relieving order in r/o M. Raghuram, Director, CWC. Member (D & R) 10/04/18 download
87 24/2/2016-E.XI/451-452 Posting/ Transfer order in r/o Scientific Carde posts & Hydromet Carde Posts, CWC. U.S.(E.XI) 10/04/18 download
88 A-12019/1/2015-Estt.II/56-59 Leave Order of STS Officers - 09-04-2018 US.(E- II) 09/04/18 download
89 5/18/2018-Trg/2074-2219 Short Training Programme on"Remote Sensing-An Overview for Decision Makers " at IIRS ,Dehradun during 12-15 June ,2018-reg. DIRECTOR (TRG.) 09/04/18 download
90 3/2A/2017-Trg/2220-60 Sponsoring Officers for admission to 1 year P.G Diploma/Training in the 47th International Post Graduate Hydrology Course (2018-19) commencing from 20 June,2018-reg DIRECTOR (TRG.) 09/04/18 download
91 No. G-20011/1/2018-Budget Section OM - Appropriation Act, 2018 S.O.(BUDGET) 09/04/18 download
92 No.10/1/2018-E.1/603-25 Office Order - Additional charge of Director E-1 US.(E-I ) 06/04/18 download
93 47/2/2017-Estt XI/517 DT:06-04-17 Information disclosure under RTI Act,2005 in r/o Sh Anil Kumar, Panchkula, Haryana-134116 -reg U.S.(E.XI) 06/04/18 download
94 A-38020/2/2017-Estt.VII/208-11 Revised Basic pay in r/o Sh. Balbir Singh as per 7th CPC. U.S.(E.VII) 06/04/18 download
95 C-30019/2/2017-E.VI/234 RTI Application under RTI Act, 2005 of Sh Suresh Sharma, Padmanaabhpur Durg, Chhattisgarh-491001.-reg U.S.(E.VI) 06/04/18 download
96 C-30019/2/2017-E.VI/233-235 RTI Application under RTI Act, 2005 of Sh Hemant Kaswan, Jaipur & Sh Vivek Nandan, Varanasi. U.S.(E.VI) 06/04/18 download
97 E-25013/2/2016-Hindi/155 Cash Prize for performing official works (Annotation/ Drafting) in Hindi. HINDI SECTION 06/04/18 download
98 No.16/6/2018/trg/2042-73 dated 06.05.2018 Presentation on DRAFT CONCEPT NOTES ON REUSE OF URBAN WASTE WATER & MICRO IRRIGATION-reg. DIRECTOR (TRG.) 06/04/18 download
99 No.13/2/2016-Estt.1/599 Circular: Voluntary retirement of Shri Pradeep Kumar, Member RM-reg US.(E-I ) 06/04/18 download
100 3/1/2017-Estt.X/44 Posting order in r/o Smt Savitri Chaubey , Senior Draftsman, CWC. US (E.X) 05/04/18 download