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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)

Archives of Orders and Circulars

Sr Reference Number Title Department Issue Date View Download
101 5/14/2017-Estt.X/150 Correction in name in r/o Sh. Lalit Kumar Pant, Head Draughtsman, CWC. US (E.X) 05/04/18 download
102 22/3/2018-2018-Estt-X/147 Leave order in r/o Head D' Man CWC US (E.X) 05/04/18 download
103 A-1901237/2014-Estt.V/572-575 Leave order in r/o Smt. V. Sarada Devi, AD-II, CWC. U.S.( E-V) 04/04/18 download
104 No.09/01/2015/Trg./1079-83 Dated 04/04/2018 Permission to pursue Ph.D onpart time basis by Sh. J.Harsha, Director(appraisal)- Extension of time-reg. DIRECTOR (TRG.) 04/04/18 download
105 49/1/2017-Estt.XI/470-471 Pension & Pensioner basic pay in r/o Mr Vinod Kumasr Nirola EAD, CWC. U.S.(E.XI) 04/04/18 download
106 T-37011/1/2018-FFM/660-664 Actions of completed/ updated for ensuring Flood season for smooth monitoring of Flood Forecasting Activities-reg C.E (FMO) 04/04/18 download
107 31/08/2017-Estt-XI/473 Review of Mechanism to ensure probity among Govt. Servants under FR 56(j) U.S.(E.XI) 04/04/18 download
108 J-11015(13)/1/2017/WPC/550-597 Special Camp for settlement of Pending Pension Cases. DD(WPC) 04/04/18 download
109 2/CE(PMO)/2018/583-604 Relieving order of Sh. Shashi Rakesh, Director (Mon-E & W),PMO, CWC. C.E (PMO) 04/04/18 download
111 Dy No.136/APAR dated 04.04.2018 Forwarding of APAR folders of Mr A K Mishra, ARA and Dr Dolly Jaiswal, SRA to CM&V Section on promotion as SRO - reg S.O (APAR) 04/04/18 download
112 WR/PAO/CWC/Admn/Minor Losses/2018-19/10-13 Statement of cases of minor losses, write-off, ex-gratia etc. for inclusion in the Report of Comptroller and Auditor General of India for the ended March, 2018 Union Government (Accounts of Union Government)-reg. C.E (PAO) 04/04/18 download
113 A-23022/2/2014-Estt.VII/215 Draft seniority list of Office Superintendent belonging to the Ministerial Cadre of Subordinate offices of CWC as on 1.4.2018. U.S.(E.VII) 03/04/18 download
114 A-23022/2/2014-Estt.VII/213 Draft seniority list of UDCs belonging to the Ministerial Cadre of Subordinate offices of CWC as on 1.4.2018. U.S.(E.VII) 03/04/18 download
115 A-23022/2/204- Estt.VII/214 Draft seniority list of Assistants belonging to the Ministerial Cadre of Subordinate offices of CWC as on 1.4.2018. U.S.(E.VII) 03/04/18 download
116 11/1/2018-E.III/239 Office Memorandum regarding APAR of Central Water Engineering (Group A) Service officers. U.S.(E-III ) 03/04/18 download
117 15/2/2013/Estt-9/841 Work Allocation of US US (E-IX ) 03/04/18 download
118 No.2/1/2017-APAR/131-135 Non Receipt of 45 APARs of 2016-17 and 9 NRCs of MTS of cWC (HQ) cadre - reg S.O (APAR) 03/04/18 download
119 F.NO.10/1/2018 E-I / 523-33 OFFICE ODER ADDTIONAL CHARGE OF CHIEF ENGINEER, PMO, CWC (HQ) US.(E-I ) 03/04/18 download
120 A-19011-4/39/2010-Estt.I/536-37 Immovable Property Return Reminder US.(E-I ) 03/04/18 download
121 No.4/13/2018-Trg./ 1075-78 dated 03/04/2018 Approval of the Chairman, CWC the following officer for his participation in World Bank Group Workshop-reg. DIRECTOR (TRG.) 03/04/18 download
122 D.12015/Medical Bill Status(Hqrs)/2018/Estt.XIV Status of Medical Bills of CWC(Hqrs) and Field Offices SM DTE (and Others) 02/04/18
123 NO.5/3/2018-E-/520 CIRCULAR - FILLING UP THE POST OF GENERAL MANAGER ON DEPUTATION BASIS (including short term contract) IN BRAHMAPUTRA BOARD , GUWAHATI. US.(E-I ) 02/04/18 download
124 A-19011/5(37)/2015-Estt.II/288-295 Time extension of the Working Group US.(E- II) 02/04/18 download
125 NO.32/1/2017-541-43 ORDER REVISED BASIC PAY OF DIRETORS/CHIEF ENGINEER w.e.f. 1.1.2016- ON NOTIONAL BASIS US.(E-I ) 02/04/18 download