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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)

Archives of Orders and Circulars

Sr Reference Number Title Department Issue Date View Download
127 No. G-20011/2/2017-Budget/48 Revised Estimates for the financial year 2017-18- Modification regarding dated 31.03.2018 S.O.(BUDGET) 31/03/18 download
128 No. WR/PAO/CWC/Compilation/LOC/2018-2019 LOC for 1st Quarter for the Year 2018-2019 S.O.(BUDGET) 31/03/18 download
129 No. G-20011/2/2017-Budget/46 Revised Estimates for the financial year 2017-18 - Modification regarding. S.O.(BUDGET) 30/03/18 download
130 No. G-20011/2/2017-Budget/45 Revised Estimates for the financial year 2017-18, Modification regarding. S.O.(BUDGET) 29/03/18 download
131 A-19012/164/2011-E.V/538-542 Retirement order in r/o Sh. Mata Prasad, AD-II, CWC. U.S.( E-V) 28/03/18 download
132 14/1/2017-Estt.V/557-558 Review of Mechanism to ensure probity among Govt Servants under FR 56 (j) U.S.( E-V) 28/03/18 download
133 5/72/SBA/2014-PCP/258-62 dated 28.03.2018 Clearing of nearby major roads/ streets/ important public places & a mass awareness rally by CWC (HQ) on 29th March, 2018 under Swachhta Pakhwada 2018-reg PCP DTE 28/03/18 download
134 J-9/2/2017-WPC/495-517 Workshop on pending pension cases held on 09.03.2018 at CWC(HQ), New Delhi DD(WPC) 28/03/18 download
135 G-20011/2/2017-Budget/43 Revised Estimates for the financial year 2017-18 Modification regarding S.O.(BUDGET) 28/03/18 download
136 No.2/5/2015-APAR/123-27 Forwarding of 23 APARs/NRCs of JSA & SSA of CSCS cadre to MoWR, RD & GR - reg S.O (APAR) 28/03/18 download
137 No. G-20011/2/2017-Budget/44 Modifications in RE for the FY - 2017-2018 Dated 28-3-2018 S.O.(BUDGET) 28/03/18 download
138 10/1/2017/Estt-9/818-820 Leave of PAs US (E-IX ) 28/03/18 download
139 A-31013/1/2016-E-VI/226 Clearance of probation period in r/o of JE's(C&M). U.S.(E.VI) 27/03/18 download
140 PAMS/1/2017-PA(C)/400-421 Minutes of the meeting held on 15.03.2018 reg progress made in the development of web enabled Project Appraisal System (e-PAMS). C.E (PAO) 27/03/18 download
141 A-49012/8/2018/RTI Strict compliance to the provisions of CSMOP and RPS relating to 'Record Keeping' by Ministries/ Departments to facilities providing information to the RTI applicants-reg. SM DTE (and Others) 27/03/18 download
142 1/5/2018/D&RC/614-20 Posting order in r/o Sh. Chetan dev, Head Draftsman, HSO Unit, CWC. Member (D & R) 27/03/18 download
143 T-370111/1/2018-FFM/631-54 Actions to be completed/ updated for ensuring Flood season for smooth monitoring of Flood Forecasting Activites-reg C.E (FMO) 27/03/18 download
144 11/7/2018/D&RC/598-613 Renaming of NBP Organisations & it's Directorates-reg Member (D & R) 27/03/18 download
145 No. WR/PAO/CWC/Compilation/Addl.LOC/2017-18/416-17 Conduct of Govt. Business the scheme for decentralization of the system of Accounts 4th Quarter of Additional LOC for the financial year 2017-18. S.O.(BUDGET) 27/03/18 download
146 A-49012/8/2018-RTI Updated status of action points of Ministry on e-Samiksha Web- portal on weekly basis. SM DTE (and Others) 27/03/18 download
147 No. 5/15/2018-Trg/1891-2036 dated 27.03.2018 All India Conference on Arbitration in India-Current Issues & Trends to be held at Hotel Eastend, Munnar, Kerala during 24-26 May,2018 -reg. DIRECTOR (TRG.) 27/03/18 download
148 11011/2/96-Hindi/123 Office memorandum reg- ensuring effective execution of instructions in r/o Hindi Rajbhasa. HINDI SECTION 27/03/18 download
149 No.27/4/2017-Estt.XIII Grant of 3rd MACP to Assistant Engineer (Comm.) SM DTE (and Others) 27/03/18 download
150 NO.A-19011/4(31)/20160E-I /276-82 NO DEMAND CERTIFICATE IN RESPCET OF SHRI GIRISH KUMAR, DIRECTOR CWC US.(E-I ) 27/03/18 download