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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)

Archives of Orders and Circulars

Sr Reference Number Title Department Issue Date View Download
151 No.A-31016/1/2015-Estt.VII Office Order U.S.(E.VII) 26/03/18 download
152 No. A-12019/1/2015-Estt.II/39 Leave Order of STS Officers - 26-03-2018 US.(E- II) 26/03/18 download
153 5/72/SBA/2014-PCP/251 Transport facility for cleanliness drive on River Yamuna in Delhi PCP DTE 26/03/18 download
154 39/1/2016-Estt-IX/780-786 Filling up/ creation of post of AAO in field offices of CWC. US (E-IX ) 26/03/18 download
155 39/1/2016-Estt-IX/780-86 Filling up/creation of post of AAO in field offices of -CWC US (E-IX ) 26/03/18 download
156 F.No. 39/1/2016-Estt-IX/780-86 Filling up/creation of post of AAO in field offices of CWC US (E-IX ) 26/03/18 download
157 11/1/2017/Estt.9/750-750 Transfer Order of PPSs US (E-IX ) 23/03/18 download
158 11/1/2017-Estt.9/753-757 Posting order of PPS US (E-IX ) 23/03/18 download
159 3/1/2017-Estt.X/41 Posting order in r/o Sh. Chetan Dev, Head Draftsman, CWC. US (E.X) 23/03/18 download
160 MEETING/2014/PAC/378-86 Minutes of the meeting held in 14.03.2018- reg presentation for prefeasibility clearance of Dudhi major Irrigation Project and Shakkar multipurpose Project (Madhya Pradesh) C.E (PAO) 23/03/18 download
161 5/72/SBA/2014-PCP/181-91 Swachhta Pakhwada 2018-Cleanliness Drive On River Yamuna in Delhi reg. PCP DTE 23/03/18 download
162 No. G-20011/1/2017-Budget/40 Tentative Budget Estimate for the FY - 2018-2019 for Salary Purpose - Non Scheme of Central Water Commission S.O.(BUDGET) 23/03/18 download
164 NO.03/ PFMS Implementation & Roll out of Public Financial Management System (PFMS) in all the CDDOs of Central Water Commission and activation of CDDO- regarding ACCTS. OFFICER 22/03/18 download
165 No. G-21012/2/2017-Budget/39 Office Memorandum regarding rush of expenditure in the closing month of Financial Year 2017-18/ relaxation for uploading of bills on PFMS. S.O.(BUDGET) 22/03/18 download
166 11012/9/2018-Hindi/33 For translating the official work of the Union in Hindi - Annual Programme, (2018-19). HINDI SECTION 22/03/18 download
167 55/1/2017-Estt.XI/414-424 Review of Mechanism to ensure probity among Govt. Servants under FR 56 (j)-reg U.S.(E.XI) 22/03/18 download
168 6/7/2017-CM&V/282 Uploaded APAR in r/o CWE (Gr 'A'), CWC. US (CM&V) 22/03/18 download
169 No. 5/17/2018-Trg./1052-63 dated 22.03.2018 Corrigendum regarding office order no. 5/17/2018-Trg./975-1051 dated 21/03/2018 DIRECTOR (TRG.) 22/03/18 download
170 NO. A-19011/2(1)/2016-E-I/465 ORDER - ADDITIONAL CHARGE OF CHAIRMAN, CWC US.(E-I ) 22/03/18 download
171 47/4/2018-Estt XI/610 dt: 22.03.2018 Information disclosure under RTI Act 2005 in r/o Sh Upendra Prasad,Devariya, U.P U.S.(E.XI) 22/03/18 download
172 11/1/2009-Estt.IX/733-40 Transfer/Posting Order in respect of ASOs of CSS Cadre US (E-IX ) 21/03/18 download
173 No. A-19011/5(15)/2013-Estt. 1I/(Vol.I)/244-253 Charge relinquishment order of Sh. R. S. Tiwari, DD US.(E- II) 21/03/18 download
174 24/5/2015-Estt.XI/355-365 Transfer order in r/o Sh Parvez Khan, JSO, CWC. U.S.(E.XI) 20/03/18 download
175 6/1/2018-E-X/118 dt-15.03.2018 OM regarding issuance of ordinary passport to Government Servant, PSU/ Autonomous body employees US (E.X) 20/03/18 download