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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)

Archives of Orders and Circulars

Sr Reference Number Title Department Issue Date View Download
201 NO. 14/10/2018-Trg/1388-1633 dated 14.03.2018 Knowledge Co-creation Program on "Flood Disaster Risk Reduction" in Japan from 30.09.2018 to 30.09.2019-reg. DIRECTOR (TRG.) 14/03/18 download
202 No. 16/4/2015-Trg/1634-1879 dated 14.03.2018 Details of Foreign Trainings, seminar, conference, workshops, symposium etc attended by the officers concerned since their joining. DIRECTOR (TRG.) 14/03/18 download
203 A-38020/2/2017-Estt.VII/157-159 Pension & Pensioner basic pay in r/o Late Smt. Sudesh Kalra, LDC, CWC. U.S.(E.VII) 14/03/18 download
204 10/01/2018-E.III/174-80 Transfer/Posting in r/o Ms. Isly Issac, AD/AEE, CWC. U.S.(E-III ) 14/03/18 download
205 6/1(2)/2018/WP&P(C)/170-180 Transfer/ Posting in r/o Sh. S.k Rajan, Director, CWC. Member (W P & P) 14/03/18 download
206 A-23018/1/2018-Estt.VIII/128 Seniority List in r/o MTS, CWC. U.S.(E.VIII ) 14/03/18 download
207 10/01/2018-E.III/157-73 Transfer/ posting in the grade of AD/ AEE, CWC. U.S.(E-III ) 14/03/18 download
208 NO.A-19011/2(4)/2017-E-I/374-95 OFFICE ORDER VOLUNTARY RETIREMENT OF SHRI PRADEEP KUMAR, MEMBER(RM), CWC US.(E-I ) 14/03/18 download
209 5/2/2018-Estt.X/101-104 Promotion order in r/o Senior Draughtsman, CWC. US (E.X) 14/03/18 download
210 G-20011/1/2017-Budget/RE/31 Re-appropriation of Funds under Grant No. 98 - for the FY - 2017-2018 for HRD/Capacity Building S.O.(BUDGET) 13/03/18 download
211 A-22012/1/2017-Estt.II/211-225 Withdrawal of transfer order in respect of Farakka Barrage Project US.(E- II) 13/03/18 download
212 2/PFMS Implementation & Roll out of PFMS in all the CDDOs of CWC and activation of CDDOs SECRETARY(CWC) 13/03/18 download
213 No.18/5/2017-Estt-IX/620-25 Review of ASO/SO's under FR 56(J) US (E-IX ) 13/03/18 download
214 No.18/4/2017-Estt-IX/619 Vacancy Status of various cadres in CWC US (E-IX ) 13/03/18 download
215 4/148/2002/WM/85-99 Updation of information related to storage capacity created/ under creation through various reservoir projects-reg. SM DTE (and Others) 13/03/18 download
216 NO. 12/3/2017-E-I/364-66 OFFICE ORDER FINAL SENIORITY LIST OF JAG OFFICERS OF CWES AS 1/1/2018 US.(E-I ) 13/03/18 download
217 33/1/2017-Estt.III/96-99 Fixation of Pay on the basis of recommendation of 7th CPC in r/o AD/AEE who absorbed in PSU before 2016. U.S.(E-III ) 13/03/18 download
218 22/3/2018-E.X/93 Leave order in r/o Head D man, CWC. US (E.X) 12/03/18 download
219 21/1/2017-Estt.X/98 Cancellation of posting order in r/o Sh. Biswajeet Biswas, Senior Draughtsman, CWC. US (E.X) 12/03/18 download
220 12/3/2018-E.I/350-51 Final Seniority List in the grade of HAG of CWE (Group A) Services as on 1/1/2018. US.(E-I ) 12/03/18 download
221 6/7/2017-CM&V/241 Uploaded APAR in r/o Directors/ SE's, CWC. US (CM&V) 12/03/18 download
222 11/2/2017-E.III/183-91 Probation Clearance of AD/AEE of Central Water Commission - Submission of Assessment Report. U.S.(E-III ) 12/03/18 download
224 NO. A 19011/4(23)/2016-ESTT-1/178-225 OFFICE ORDER IN RESPECT OF SHRI RAMESH KUMAR DIRECTOR, CWC US.(E-I ) 12/03/18 download
225 A-12019/1/2015-Estt.II/22-37 dated 12-03-2018 Leave Order of STS Officers - 12-03-2018 US.(E- II) 12/03/18 download