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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)

Basin Planning and Management

It is responsible for, preparation of guidelines for formulation of river basin master plan including integrated reservoir operation for deriving optimum utilisation of water resources through multi-disciplinary system approach considering river basin as a unit for water planning, studies related to national perspective plan for water resources development, providing technical assistance to National Water Resources Council, an apex body for formulating policy in water resources sector and serves as secretariat to the National Water Board.

CWC is responsible for co-ordination with states for establishing river basin as per the directives of National Water Policy, examination of project reports from basin planning point of view, reassessment of water resource potential in the river basin of country, technical work for assessment of availability and requirement of water diverse uses in the country. Morphological and sedimentation studies of all river basins in the country.

This organization is to prepare Basin plans/IWRDM of basins. This will actively engage itself in generating scenarios for future for basin under its study. Preparation of annual status report on irrigation development through major and medium projects under tribal sub-plan and special component plan, studies related with national perspective plan for water resources development. Examination of various proposals for water resources, utilisation and water transfer links etc. CWC deals with reservoir regulation and operation, standardising activities in the field of water resource. CWC is responsible for uses of application of remote sensing and GIS techniques in water resources sector, collection, collation and analysis of spatial data using GIS techniques for mapping of basins in the country.CWC has been entrused with the responsibility for carrying out technical scrutiny/appraisal of basin planning and irrigation planning aspects including economic viability of major irrigation and multipurpose water resources development projects. Preparation of guidelines for allocation of surface waters of interstate rivers, work relating to various zonal council meetings and documentation of various interstate and international agreements and tribunal awards, water laws/water rights etc. Other work include preparation of various journals, pamphlets, publicity and mass awareness material for media, microfilming of drawings/documents and their preservation and printing and developing of Azo prints.

Sr. No. Particular
1 Scope of Work for Basin Planning
2 Project Leaflet (2017)
3 Description of Projects
4 Inception Report
5 Progress Report (Dec-2016)
6 Project Status Summary (June-2017)
7 Strategic Basin Planning for Ganga River Basin in India (Draft Report upto August 2017)