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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)

Civil & Structural Design of WR Projects

Designing civil components of Concrete & Masonry dams, diversion and appurtenant structures. Technical examination of Detailed Project Reports (DPR) of Water Resources Projects. Special problems during construction and post construction period including rehabilitation of dams. CWC has been entrusted with the responsibility of examining Hydro civil aspect of various projects being submitted by Central and State Agencies apart from acting as Review consultant for the referred project. In addition, Design and Drawings for the Special problems being faced by Project authorities are also being carried out by CWC.

To provide preliminary and detailed design consultancy services in respect of hydro-mechanical equipments to various water resources projects of the country. Besides design consultancy of new projects, consultancy services are also being rendered to the various special problems of existing projects referred to CWC by State governments. Technical appraisal of projects in respect of future projects is also being carried out and comments are being offered for improvements to be made in detailed project reports. To examine barrage and canal aspect of various project reports, being submitted by various central and state agencies apart from acting as review consultant for referred projects. This Organization is responsible for assisting the States in implementing unified dam safety procedure, matters related to emergency action plans (EAPs) and also functions as secretariat for National Committee on Dam Safety (NCDS). This Organization is also responsible for technical appraisal for DPRs on Seismic and foundation aspects and finalizing seismic design parameters of river valley projects, dam break and backwater analysis, Glacial Lake outburst Flood (GLOF). CWC deals with matters related to strengthen of instrumentation of large dams. Other works include preparation of manuals & pamphlets, assistance to Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in preparation of Codes etc.

CWC would keep a watch on latest development/identification of stress areas particularly in Dam Design/Design of Hydro-Power projects and identify areas of research in the sphere of activities and carry out research by other agencies.