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Dam Safety Review Panel (DSRP)

Dam Safety Review Panel (DSRP)

Dam Safety inspection is an important and integral part for sustained safety of the important structures. Guidelines for Dam Safety Inspection published recently, cover all aspects related with dam safety inspections which are required to be conducted by dam owners at regular interval by Dam Safety Review Panels (DSRPs) for comprehensive inspections. Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR) has taken an initiative and directed CWC to empanel dam safety experts for assisting all dam owners. DSRPs comprising experts in different disciplines associated with dams are being constituted by each State and other dam owners. CWC is inviting experienced and qualified personnel to register and upload their resume. SDSOs may select members from the register of such experts and constitute DSRPs as per their requirements and procedures. 

Composition of DSRP

Some of the states have large number of dam and are advised to have more than one DSRP with a view to ensure and timely completion of all specified comprehensive dam safety evaluation. In order to ensure uniformity and standardization of composition, the framework for constitution and composition of the DSRP shall be as follows: 

  1. Each DSRP shall consist of at least six key experts- with one Chairman and others designated as members. The members of DSRP may comprise of working as well as retired officials from the Central Government Organisations, State Governments, Public Sector Undertakings, Reputed Private Institutions, reputed freelance experts etc.

  2. The Chairman of any DSRP team shall be a reputed expert having proven credentials in dam safety area along with adequate experience in dealing with dam safety matters. The minimum qualification and experience of the other DSRP members shall be as per guidelines. A minimum of fifty percent of the members of DSRP shall be from outside of the State.

  3. The core personnel shall be identified based on their comprehensive dam safety expertise such as,
    • Dam Safety Specialist
    • Design Expert
    • Construction Supervision Expert
    • Geologist
    • Hydrologist
    • Hydro – Mechanical Expert
    • Instrumentation Expert
    • Seismic Expert

  4. For ensuring the continuity and workability, the core composition of any team shall normally not be altered except for compelling reasons.

  5. During any evaluation by DSRP, one or more experts from the required disciplines of Central/State may be included as ‘additional member’ of DSRP team for facilitating sufficiency and for meeting need-based requirements of domain expertise for specific inspections. In special circumstances, based on recommendations of the DSRP Chairman, more experts shall also be included in the team as ‘special invitee’.

  6. During the inspection, DSRP team shall be accompanied by an officer of not less than a Chief Engineer/ General Manager in rank, of dam owning agency, and wrap up meeting shall be with the Head of Department. In case of any unscheduled inspection during hydrological or seismic event, wrap up meeting shall be with Principal Secretary/Executive Director of dam owning agency.


Empanelment Qualification and Experience

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One of the essential pre-requisites of DRIP was to constitute the DSRP by each State and get the dam safety inspection of their dams by the DSRP.

State / Dam Owning Organizations having DSRPs
Andhra Pradesh Punjab
Bihar Tamil Nadu
Chhattisgarh Telangana
Karnataka Bhakra Beas Management Board(BBMB)
Kerala Damodar Valley Corp.(DVC)
Madhya Pradesh Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB)
Maharashtra National Hydro Power Corp (NHPC)