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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)

Safety Inspection of Dams-General

  • Routine Periodic Inspection 
    • By trained and experienced engineers from DSO

    • At least twice a year : pre monsoon and post monsoon

    • Examination of general health of the dam and appurtenant works

    • Preparedness of dam and hydro mechanical structures for handling expected floods

  • Comprehensive Dam Safety Evaluation 
    • Once in a 10 year

    • More comprehensive examination

    • Multi-disciplinary team for holistic view

    • May order additional field and laboratory investigations as well as numerical simulations

  • CDSO has prepared a number of guidelines on dam safety and circulated these to the State Governments and other organisations for implementation.

  • CDSO (in 1990) compiled an National Register of Large Dams which is being updated continuously.

  • CDSO is regularly imparting trainings to the engineers of CWC as well as State Governments to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field of Dam Safety.

  • Assistance by CDSO is rendered only on specific request from State Governments. Apparently, it is not practical for such a dam safety service at the Centre to cater to the needs of all the dams in the country.