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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)

Welcome To Design (N&W) Unit

Design (N&W) organisation is responsible for planningand design consultancy of various components ofconstruction stage Projects, DPR stage projects,rehabilitation measures of existing projects andtechnical appraisal of DPR of HEP/ MPP / IrrigationProjects pertaining to Northern and Western States ofIndia i.e. 9 states of Jammu & Kashmir, HimachalPradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand of the country as well asneighbouring countries like Nepal and Afghanistan.The works also include preparation of joint detailedproject reports for Indo-Nepal Project and assisting

Indus Water Commission, MOWR, RD & GR on worksrelated to Jammu & Kashmir Projects. Apart fromabove, the directorates of this unit isactively engagedin providing assistancein preparation of IS Codes.

Besides the above work, the unit deals with thetechnical referencesas and when referred by the projectauthorities.

The Organisation would keep a watch on latestdevelopment/identification of stressareas particularly inDam Design / Design of Hydro-Power Projects and identify areas of Research in the sphere of activities andcarry out researchin house/ by other agencies

Functional Domains of Central Water Commission

Water Resources
Appraisal of Water Resources Projects

CWC is responsible for appraisal of preliminary/detailed project report pertaining to major inter-state project proposals.

Basin Planning and Management
Basin Planning and Management

Responsible for co-ordination with states for establishing river basin organisations as per National Water Policy, examination of project reports etc.

Civil & Structural Design of WR Projects
Civil & Structural Design of WR Projects

Overall Planning, Design, Consultancy and Appraisal for Civil Structural Design of WR Projects.

Dam Safety

Dams, being a major infrastructure component of water resources, play a vital role in providing overall water security to the country.

Flood Forecasting/ Hydrological
Flood Forecasting/ Hydrological Observation

CWC is responsible for Monitoring of Flood situation through Central Flood Control Room during monsson period.

Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management

This wing looks into administrative, establishment and personnel service matters

Hydro-mechanical Design of WR Administration Projects
Hydro-Mechanical Design of WR Projects

Overall planning, design and appraisal of hydro-mechanical equipment for water resources projects.


Technical appraisal of hydrological aspects like water availabilty, design flood, sedimentation, diversion flood etc.

Monitoring of Water Resources
Monitoring of Water Resources Projects

Monitoring of WR projects at Central Level is done by CWC under the aegis of three tier monitoring system.

River Management
River Management

This wing is responsible for, collection, compilation, storage and retrieval of hydrological and hydro-meteorological data

Survey and Investigation of WR Projects

Survey and Investigation work related to preparation of DPR for major/medium/multi-purpose WR projects.

Inter-state International Conflict
Water Disputes Resolution

All the major river basins and some among the medium river basins  are of inter-state nature.

Water Management
Water Management

Central Water Commission is monitoring the water quality of rivers since late 1950s and presently its water quality network is spread all over India.