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यह मुख्यालय छवि है
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(1945 से राष्ट्र की सेवा में)

बांध विफलता प्रकार और कारण

  • Out of 36 failures, 30 in respect of earth dams.
Type of Dam No of Failure % Failure
Earth dams 30 83.33
Composite dams 3 8.33
Masonry dams 3 8.33
Total 36

Despite more than 83% failure share, risks associated with earth dams not to be heightened (total proportion in India over 85%). no failure recorded in case of concrete dam may not emphasis its safety aspects.

The most common cause of dam failures in India has been breaching – accounting for about 44% of cases – followed by overtopping that accounted for about 25% failures.