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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)


The activities of NTBO are:

  • Flood Forecasting
  • Hydrological Observation
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Monitoring & Appraisal of Major and Medium Water Resources Projects.

There are two types of forecasting sites under NTBO,CWC :

  • Level Forecasting and
  • Inflow forecasting

Executive Engineer of the Division is the nodal officer for flood forecasting in respect of sites under that Division.

FF for 6 river basins viz Banas, Damanganga Basin, Mahi Basin, Narmada Basin, Sabarmati Basin and Tapi Basin is done by NTBO, CWC.

Level forecasts are issued for 7 sites, inflow forecasts are issued for 6 reservoirs. These are as follows:

Basin Level Forecasting Stations Inflow Forecasting Stations
Mahi Basin Wanakbori Weir Kadana Reservoir
Sabarmati Basin Ahmedabad (Subash Bridge) Dharoi Dam
Banas Basin   Dantiwada Dam
Tapi Basin Surat Hatnur Reservoir
  Ukai Reservoir
Damanganga Basin Vapi Madhuban Dam
Narmada Basin Garudeswar  

There are 90 sites for various hydrological observations, including water quality monitoring stations, are being maintained by NTBO, CWC.

There are 37 Gauge sites under NTBO.

There are 14 Gauge and Discharge Sites under NTBO.

There are 01 Gauge, Discharge and Sediment Sites under NTBO.

There are 15 Gauge, Discharge Sediment and Water Quality Sites under NTBO.

There are 15 Rainfall Sites under NTBO.