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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)

Objectives and Roles

The NWA is envisaged to function as 'Center of Excellence' for in-service training of water resources engineering personnel. The broad objectives of NWA are as under:

  • To organize specialized courses for Group 'A' and 'B' officers of Central and State agencies
  • To arrange National / Regional Seminars and Workshops on key issues of water resources development / subject areas for the benefit of Senior level officers (CE's / E-in-C / Secretary) of State / Central agencies
  • To provide assistance to Central and State Government organizations and their training institutes on their specific training needs.
  • To develop and maintain linkages with leading institutions in India and abroad dealing with training related activities in water resources sector for sharing the expertise.
  • To conduct training in advanced methods of structural analysis and design.
  • To develop training modules / case studies on new emerging technology like GIS applications in water resources.
  • To organize Induction Training for newly appointed Assistant Directors / Assistant Executive Engineers of Central Water Engineering (Group 'A') Services.
  • To organize induction / orientation training to newly appointed / promoted Group 'B' engineering officers of CWC.
  • To organize Re-orientation Courses for officers promoted from Group 'B' to Group 'A' of Central Water Engineering Services.
  • To undertake Induction Training of newly appointed Group 'B' / Group 'A' officers of state water resources department / Central agencies on their request, where such training facilities are not available.