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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)


1. Indian National Committee on Surface Water (INCSW)

Indian National Committee on Surface Water (INCSW is an apex body to coordinate the R&D activities in Surface Water in general and R&D programme of DoWR,RD& GR in particular and to promote effective participation of India in the international programmes related to Surface Water and to act as national committee for such international bodies where required. INCSW was constituted by merging functions/works of four erstwhile national committees namely INCID, INCOH, INCH and INC-GECM) Vide letter no. 7/1/2012-WP&P-C/1347-91, dated 21.06.2012.

INCSW is headed by Chairman, CWC and Director WS&RS Dte & INCSW Sctt., CWC is Member Secretary and there are 14 members representing DoWR, RD&GR/CWC, CSMRS, CWPRS, NIH, DST/DSIR/CSIR, Ministry of Agriculture, WALMIs, IIT, NGOs etc.

INCSW’s main objective is to promote research work in the field of Water Resources Engineering (Surface Water aspect) by providing platform to academicians/experts in the Universities, IITs, recognised R&D laboratories, Water Resources/ Irrigation departments of the Central and State Governments and NGOs under R&D Programme of Department of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation (DoWR, RD & GR).

Under the R&D Programme, since 2015, only invited research in priority area identified by INCSW in consultation with the Department are being funded. The research proposals funded under the R&D Programme are to be formulated, submitted and implemented as per the “ Guidelines for Implementation of R & D Programme (Sponsoring & Coordinating Research in Water Sector”

Indian National Committee on Surface Water - List of completed projects under INCSW(698.87KB)

2. INCID Publications
The important publications (19 Nos.) brought out by Indian National Committee on Irrigation & Drainage (INCID) and which have widely been appreciated are ( Download link is available at Publication>>others>>INCID Publications):


  • Development of Irrigation, Drainage and Flood Control in India

  • Non-Structural Aspects of Flood Management in India

  • Non-Structural Aspects of Flood Management in India - An Abridged Version

  • Guide for Preparation of Plans of Operation and Maintenance of Irrigation Systems in India

  • Drip Irrigation in India

  • Guidelines for Planning Conjunctive Use of Surface and Ground waters in Irrigation Projects

  • Sprinkler Irrigation in India

  • Pipe Distribution System for Irrigation

  • Manual on Canal Lining (Revised)

  • History of Irrigation Development in Tamil Nadu.

  • Indicators for Irrigation Performance Assessment

  • Guidelines for Benchmarking of Irrigation Systems in India

  • Bio-drainage Status in India and other Countries

  • Decision Making Procedures in India for Dams Building

  • Report on Participatory Irrigation Management

  • History of Irrigation Development in Andhra Pradesh

  • Irrigation Acts of the States of Northern India (2 Parts)

  • History of Irrigation Development in Orissa

  • Hirakud Dam Project – Background & Performance

3. Final Report


Name of Member Secretary & Address of INCSW Secretariat

Shri Alok Paul Kalsi

Member-Secretary, INCSW & Director(WS&RS)

Central Water Commission

1 st Floor, Wing-4, West Block-1

R. K. Puram

New Delhi – 110066


Telep : 01129583435