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Central Water Commission

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1. Indian National Committee on Surface Water (INCSW)

Indian National Committee on Surface Water (INCSW is an apex body to coordinate the R&D activities in Surface Water in general and R&D programme of DoWR,RD& GR in particular and to promote effective participation of India in the international programmes related to Surface Water and to act as national committee for such international bodies where required. INCSW was constituted by merging functions/works of four erstwhile national committees namely INCID, INCOH, INCH and INC-GECM) Vide letter no. 7/1/2012-WP&P-C/1347-91, dated 21.06.2012.

INCSW is headed by Chairman, CWC and Director WS&RS Dte & INCSW Sctt., CWC is Member Secretary and there are 14 members representing DoWR, RD&GR/CWC, CSMRS, CWPRS, NIH, DST/DSIR/CSIR, Ministry of Agriculture, WALMIs, IIT, NGOs etc.

INCSW’s main objective is to promote research work in the field of Water Resources Engineering (Surface Water aspect) by providing platform to academicians/experts in the Universities, IITs, recognised R&D laboratories, Water Resources/ Irrigation departments of the Central and State Governments and NGOs under R&D Programme of Department of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation (DoWR, RD & GR).

Under the R&D Programme, since 2015, only invited research in priority area identified by INCSW in consultation with the Department are being funded. The research proposals funded under the R&D Programme are to be formulated, submitted and implemented as per the “ Guidelines for Implementation of R & D Programme (Sponsoring & Coordinating Research in Water Sector”

Indian National Committee on Surface Water - List of completed projects under INCSW(698.87KB)

2. INCID Publications
The important publications (19 Nos.) brought out by Indian National Committee on Irrigation & Drainage (INCID) and which have widely been appreciated are ( Download link is available at Publication>>others>>INCID Publications):

  1. a).  Development of Irrigation, Drainage and Flood Control in India
  2. b).  Non-Structural Aspects of Flood Management in India
  3. c).  Non-Structural Aspects of Flood Management in India - An Abridged Version
  4. d).  Guide for Preparation of Plans of Operation and Maintenance of Irrigation Systems in India
  5. e).  Drip Irrigation in India
  6. f).  Guidelines for Planning Conjunctive Use of Surface and Ground waters in Irrigation Projects
  7. g).  Sprinkler Irrigation in India
  8. h).  Pipe Distribution System for Irrigation
  9. i).  Manual on Canal Lining (Revised)
  10. j).  History of Irrigation Development in Tamil Nadu.
  11. k).  Indicators for Irrigation Performance Assessment
  12. l).  Guidelines for Benchmarking of Irrigation Systems in India
  13. m). Bio-drainage Status in India and other Countries
  14. n).  Decision Making Procedures in India for Dams Building
  15. o).  Report on Participatory Irrigation Management
  16. p).  History of Irrigation Development in Andhra Pradesh
  17. q).  Irrigation Acts of the States of Northern India (2 Parts)
  18. r).  History of Irrigation Development in Orissa
  19. s). Hirakud Dam Project – Background & Performance

3. List of Completed R&D Schemes

Sl. No. Name of R&D Scheme View Downloads
1 Action research on IWRM Plan for water security in identified villages of Western UP Download
2 Energy Dissipation on Block Ramps Download
3 Water Laws in India- An Assessment and Way Forward Download
4 Identification of suitable tree species and other vegetation for bio-drainage in Bargi Command area Download
5 Rengali Dam Project- A boon for Odisha Download
6 Capacity Building of Woman for Natural Resources Management in Command Areas Download
7 Water Harvesting and Water Conservation in Imphal East-I Block, Imphal East District, Manipur Download
8 Experimental Study on Labyrinth Spillway Download
9 Efficient use of water for increasing cropping intensity through conjunctive use planning in coastal tract of Orissa Download
10 Extension of some low cost lining materials for increasing the area of irrigation command Download
11 Identification of Vulnerable Areas in Himalayan Watersheds Download
12 Studies on salt water intrusion in coastal D K  District, Karnataka Download
13 Design of stilling basin and flexible apron for barrages under variable hydraulic conditions Download
14 Reservoir Performance Analysis using Stochastic Stream flow Models Download
15 Study on effects of partial desilting of small tanks Download
16 To assess the impact of presence of septic tank on ground water and spread of water borne disease, and to identify means to solve the problems created by wastewater in Balrampur District of Uttar Pradesh Download
17 Studies on Tandem Breakwater Download
18 Testing and Development of devices for reduction of scour around bridge piers Download
19 Artificial Neural Network for water resources planning: An innovative approach Download
20 Action Research on On farm Water Management for Paddy Through Farmer's Participation Download
21 Preparation of Action Plan for Improvement of Irrigation Water Use Efficiency Download
22 Fuzzy-Stochastic modelling for Stream Water Quality Download
23 Assessment of water resources under Climate Change scenarios at river basin scale Download
24 Water Quality Assessment and charactersiation in Puducherry Region Download
25 Screening superior genotypes of eucalyptus for bio-drainage through eco-physiological approaches Download
26 Efficiency Study of Damodar Left Bank Irrigation System and Strategies for Integrated Command Area Water Management Download
27 Hydrological Response of a River Basin in Changing Climate Download
28 Investigation of local scour at bridge piers under pressure flow condition Download
29 Remote sensing data-based soil conservation studies to control sedimentation in Sriramsagar reservoir Download
30 Conjunctive use planning of water resources considering spatial variation in cropping pattern using remote sensing & GIS Download
31 Documentation and analysis of farmers' practices on water management of plantation crops in Kerala Download
32 Diversified utilisation of harvested farm pond water to augment the water productivity in rainfed alfisols of eastern dry zone of Karnataka Download
33 Development of Performance Evaluation System for Multipurpose Water Resources Project Download
34 Socio-economic evaluation of drip irrigation in Kerala Download
35 Augmentation of water resources through water harvesting in hilly areas Download
36 Development of a Space enabled Drought Management Support System for the five drought prone districts in Kerala State, in the Wake of the Global Climate Change and the projected impacts Download
37 Development of integrated irrigation information systems (IIIS) for a part of Nagarjunasagar command area, Andhra Pradesh using remote sensing, GIS, GPS and field studies Download
38 Rainfall Runoff modelling and ground water dynamics of irrigation tank clustered catchment in semi-arid region Download
39 Identification & mapping of Palaeo-channels in the eastern fringe of the Thar desert for water resources augmentation plan Download
40 Study of Characteristic features pertaining to bio-drainage potential of some selected tree species Download
41 Experimental study on Jack Jetty and Porcupine system of river training Download
42 Development of an Indigenous Automated Micro Irrigation System Download
43 Impact of Mining on Water Resources in Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya Download
44 Standardization of Drip Irrigation and Fertigation Schedules with and without mulch in Fruit Crops (Apple and Apricot) of Himalayan Region Download
45 Ensemble Modelling of Rainfall-Runoff transformation process Download
46 Experimental Verification of SCS Runoff curve Numbers for Selected Soils and Land Uses Download
47 Hydrologic impact of Global and Local changes in a metro city Download
48 Water Quality modelling of a Lake System-A case study Download
49 Derivation of operating rules for a multi-purpose reservoir using soft-computing techniques Download
50 Erosion of clay-sand-silt gravel mixtures Download
51 Improving water productivity under canal irrigation command through conservation and recycling of runoff, seepage, rainwater and ground water using tanks and wells Download
52 Study on hydrology of small watersheds of highland Kerala Download


Name of Member Secretary & Address of INCSW Secretariat

Shri Alok Paul Kalsi

Member-Secretary, INCSW & Director(WS&RS)

Central Water Commission

1 st Floor, Wing-4, West Block-1

R. K. Puram

New Delhi – 110066


Telep : 01129583435