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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)

Survey and Investigation of WR Projects

Central Water Commission is taking up the work of survey and investigation for preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) of any river valley project in India, sponsored by any State Govt., PSU or MJS etc. Four organizations namely; Brahmaputra & Barak Basin Organization Shillong, Indus Basin Organization Chandigarh, Teesta Basin Organization Kolkata and Yamuna Basin Organization, New Delhi are involved in survey and investigation works. The following activities/works are undertaken under survey and investigation and preparation of DPR work:

  • Desktop studies, reconnaissance survey and selection of site.
  • Topographical survey of river including L-section and X-section of river and grid survey of Dam-axis/Barrage axis.
  • Command Area Survey, Canal Alignment Survey & Head works survey.
  • Studies of historical Hydrological & meteorological data and Hydrological and Meteorological observation for water availability studies.
  • Geological and geo-technical investigation including diamond core drilling for construction and foundation investigation.
  • Geo-mapping and logging of bore holes/core by Geological Survey of India (GSI).
  • Construction material investigation and laboratory testing.
  • Communication survey.
  • Property survey of submergence area to calculate the acquisition of land and rehabilitation and resettlement, compensation etc.
  • EIA studies
  • Irrigation Planning
  • Power Potential Studies
  • Navigational Studies
  • Seismological studies
  • Design & drawings and preparation of Detailed Project Report.

Beside the above work, CWC also take up the work for preparation of Prefeasibility/ Feasibility Report of Water resources schemes, specialized studies on river valley projects.