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E.g., 17/09/2019
Sl. No. Reference No. Title Department Name Last Date Of Submission View Download
1 Tender: CD/HQ/Residential Complex/2019
NIT for Repair and finishing work at Jammu
Smdte 28/09/2019 PDF icon Download (446.55 KB)
2 SID/DB-7(2)/2019-20/840-44
Corrigendum-1 in r/o Tender No .SID/Gangotok/2019-20/02Expiring Within a week
Smdte 21/09/2019 PDF icon Download (289.7 KB)
3 Tender No.DD/ASN/DB/e-Tender /01/2704
Tender for Hiring of Suppot Services for Hydrological observation on Various RiversExpiring Within a week
Smdte 18/09/2019 PDF icon Download (85.82 KB)
4 D-14016/SR/2017/AD-II(S)/38-40
Disposal of old unserviceable T&P articles (different make & model of Photocopier and UPS) of CWC (HQ) R.K.Puram. NDExpiring Within a week
PCP Dte 17/09/2019 PDF icon Download (92.71 KB)
5 NEID-II/HQ/NIQ/2019-20/913-15
Quotation for the work "Repairing / Servicing and Rerating of Current Meter under NEID-II, CWC, Aizawl"
NEID-II 07/09/2019 PDF icon Download (1.1 MB)
6 NIT No.SID/Gangtok/2019-20/02
NIT Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of real-time data acquisition network at 8 Nos. of (WL&MS) and 19 Nos. of Meteorological Stations under Sikkim Investigation Division, Sikkim
Smdte 06/09/2019 PDF icon Download (3.61 MB)
7 D-14016/SR/2017/AD-II(S)/30-32
NIQ for disposal of old unserviceable T&P articles of CWC (HQ), New Delhi
DD (PCP) 05/09/2019 PDF icon Download (1.52 MB)
8 L.No.NEID-I/DB/Katakhal/Strip/2019/1710-15
NIQ Topographical Strip Survey at Barrage / Dam Location of Katakhal Irrigation Project in Hailakandi District of Assam by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Technique
Smdte 03/09/2019 PDF icon Download (120.96 KB)
9 CD/HQ/B-11/2016/ 2613-17
NIQ for Supply of Hydrological Equipment in CWC, Jammu
CE(IBO) 25/08/2019 PDF icon Download (1.3 MB)
10 25/2/HOC-No/2019-20/855-59
Auction Notice of T & P Articles
CE (YBO) 14/08/2019 PDF icon Download (98.17 KB)
11 102/01/2019-20/PID/Security/1926-30 dated 12.07.2019
Providing Round the Clock, Watch & Ward (without arm) services to Government building & material at Planning & investigation Division, CWC, Faridabad, within the offices premises of Planning Circle, P&l Division, and Transit camp, CWC.
C.E (YBO) 08/08/2019 PDF icon Download (22.01 MB)
12 CH/Hq/B-11/2016/2701-04
Corrigendum for NIQ for supply of Hydrological equipment for chenab Division, CWC, Jammu
CE (IBO) 08/08/2019 PDF icon Download (307.34 KB)
13 05/1/LYD-2019/2568-71 Dt. 20/07/2019
NIQ for purchase Chemical & Glassware for the Water Quality Laboratory under Lower Yamuna Division, Agra
C.E (YBO) 06/08/2019 PDF icon Download (3.58 MB)
14 CWC/NEID-I/DB/R&M GDS Sites/JH/2019/1350-56
NIQ for supply and installation of gauge post under NEID-I, CWC, Silcher
CE (B&BBO) 06/08/2019 PDF icon Download (188.72 KB)
15 2018/370-73
Printing / photocopying and Supply of Morphology Report (15 Copies)
C.E (KGBO) 05/08/2019 PDF icon Download (502.62 KB)
16 NEID-I/DB/JH/HV/NIQ/2019/1338-45
NIQ for hiring of Vehicle MUVs for NEID_I, CWC, Silcher
CE (B&BBO) 05/08/2019 PDF icon Download (629.02 KB)
17 LWSD/CWC/A-9/2019/318-26 date. 22/07/2019
NIQ for Construction of MTBM at 4 new sites Kurkheda, Bagdi, Sakoli Bridge & Wadsa under LWSD, CWC, Chandrapur.
C.E (Mon Central Org) 01/08/2019 PDF icon Download (774.53 KB)
18 04/07/NIQ/2019-UBD/1053-55 dated 22/07/2019
Notice Inviting Quotation for Supply, installation and Commissioning of one 15 kVA Diesel Generating Set with Soundproof Acoustic Enclosure
C.E (B&BBO) 01/08/2019 PDF icon Download (1.24 MB)
19 SRD/C/13059/Tech/2019-20/1968-70 dated 23/07/2019
Corrigendum for work of Providing semi skilled man power services for HO observation at sites under VSD, CWC, Madurai
C.E (C&SRO) 31/07/2019 PDF icon Download (1.31 MB)
20 WD/NAG/HQJE/JE-34/2019-20
Notice Inviting Quotation for Casting & delivery of RCC (1:2:4) Gauge Posts as per the details given in NIQ
C.E (Mon Central Org) 31/07/2019 PDF icon Download (936.21 KB)
21 WSD/CWC/A-9/2019/367-73 Date 22/07/2019
NIQ for construction of MTBM at new sites: Purad, Mungoli Township, Nagri & patansongi under WSD, CWC, Chandrapur
C.E (Mon Central Org) 30/07/2019 PDF icon Download (595.87 KB)
22 LGD-3/W-10/2019/498-504
Auction "Disposal of office items of LGD-3, LGBO"
CE (LGBO) 30/07/2019 PDF icon Download (314.29 KB)
23 NEID-III/HQ-72/2019-20/1008-11 dated 22.07.2019
Corrigrndum for NIQ For supply of Retro Reflective Gauge Plate
C.E (B&BBO) 29/07/2019 PDF icon Download (251.44 KB)
24 102/06/NIQ/2019-20/2016-21 dated 23.07.2019
Corrigendum for "Hiring of one vehicle (Mahindra Botero/Tata Sumo/lnnova or Equivalent) with driver, fuel and maintenance required for nine months duration on contract basis for Simdega office under P&l Sub Division, CentratWater Commission, Jamshedpur
C.E (YBO) 29/07/2019 PDF icon Download (799.24 KB)
25 NEID-III/HQ_51?2019-20/1012-15 Dated 22.07.2019
NIQ for Procurement of Silt and Water Quality observation equipment
C.E (B&BBO) 29/07/2019 PDF icon Download (738.99 KB)